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St. Vincent de Paul
2120 S. 3rd Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
United States of America

Done In A Day Event: Volunteering in St. Vincent de Paul Main Kitchen

St. Vincent de Paul Main Campus
Volunteer & Visitor Parking Address:
2120 S. 3rd Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Visitor Parking Entrance:
Located on 3rd Drive, between Watkins St. and the I-17 access road. Look for two red pillars at the parking lot entrance.

Volunteer duties include but are not limited to: chopping, dicing, washing vegetables, sorting produce for compost, packaging food, sorting / giving out essential items to guests, clean up (eg, mopping, taking out garbage, washing dishes, etc), or simply making an ol’ fashioned PB&J for the hundreds of sack lunches we hand out daily to our clients.

What to wear: Please note that closed-toe shoes with rubber soles are required, and we will provide additional required attire: gloves, plastic apron & hair net. Please wear sleeved shirts and pants/skirts/shorts that are knee-length or longer. Water bottles brought in must be able to be closed. We appreciate volunteers being flexible & helping where the greatest need is; this may mean working in an area different than originally scheduled.

Age guidelines: 10 with 1:1 adult supervision; 14 on own.


Use the monitor to enter your Volunteer ID# and click the green ‘Go’ key. Follow the prompts until 
the system confirms ‘Update Successful.’ Please remember to clock out at the end of your shift!

Please wear: Closed-toe shoes, comfortable for standing or walking, with non-slip soles (such as 
sneakers), sleeved shirts, pants / skirts that are at least knee-length, long shorts.
Please DO NOT wear: tank tops, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, or shirts that do not cover your 
midriff, short shorts or cut-offs, open-toe shoes, flip-flops, sandals, slip-ons or heels.


Please refrain from cell phone or headphone use while volunteering. For health code reasons and 
protection of your property, please ask for a locker key (main campus only). We have very limited 
storage space and recommend bringing as few items as possible. SVdP is not responsible for lost or 
stolen property.

We do depend on our volunteers every day to fulfill our mission. If there is a change in your 
schedule or number in your group, please let us know as soon as possible.

Volunteers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of SVdP guests and clients. Personal client 
information should only be shared with other SVdP staff if relevant to the conduct of business, or 
if the information suggests that someone may be in emotional or physical danger.

VOLUNTEER ETIQUETTE                                       
•    Please show respect and compassion for each other and for SVdP guests and property while 
•    Smoking is strongly discouraged and only permitted in certain locations.
•    Please do not enter buildings or areas other than those to which you are assigned.
•    While we cannot put thrift store items on hold for volunteers during their shifts, we do 
appreciate your support! We are happy to offer a 10% discount at a Phoenix area thrift store on the 
day of your shift.
•    Volunteers are invited to join us for lunch in our dining room; however food from our dining 
room may not be taken off property.
•    SVdP utilizes security personnel and cameras at all of our locations. Activities are monitored 
for everyone’s safety and protec- tion. Disregard for rules, regulations, or policies may be 
grounds for dismissal.