What Our Phoenix West Rotary Club is All About!

Our club is an organization of Phoenix business leaders. Having found success in our own lives and businesses, we come together to find ways of giving back to our communities on local, national and international levels.

Friendship and fellowship are important facets of the Phoenix West Rotary Club which was established in 1962. In 2005-06, the Phoenix MidTown and Phoenix Thunderbird clubs merged to become the Phoenix West Club. All three clubs had long and distinguished histories of service to their communities and have now combined their strengths and projects to become an outstanding club. Through weekly meetings, held each Thursday at noon, committee meetings, service projects and social functions, you will feel the fellowship and camaraderie of this exciting club. Your active involvement is your responsibility and you must be committed to that involvement.

Service Opportunities:

Besides attending weekly meetings, Rotary offers numerous opportunities throughout the year to serve both locally and abroad. One day, you might find yourself bell-ringing for a few hours at the local supermarket for the Salvation Army and the next month you might decide to travel with a Rotary group to a small town in Mexico delivering Rotary-funded wheelchairs to the needy. Or perhaps you'd prefer to take a month off and lead a small delegation of young professionals to Taiwan to learn from and teach others in their field of work. With over 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help make a difference in this world. It's all up to you. You get out of Rotary as much as you put into it.

Club Service:

Members are required to serve on various committees to help our club function in a businesslike manner (e.g. attendance, selling raffle tickets, securing programs, greeting guests, etc.)

Community Service:

You will be expected to participate in various service projects such as working at the Desert Mission Food Bank or Sojourner Center, ringing bells for Salvation Army at Christmas, participating in Done-in-a-Day projects, supporting the Children's Angel Foundation Thrift Store, and other "hands-on" service projects.

Vocational Service:

You are expected to be a representative of your vocation or profession and work to encourage high ethical standards at all times. We strive to give dignity to all vocations and seek out individuals to benefit from the Arizona Rotary Vocational Fund as well as to support it. You will be expected to live by Rotary's Four-Way Test.

International Service:

Serving as a host family for a Gift of Life family, exchange student or a visiting Group Study Exchange member give you the opportunity to help promote world understanding and goodwill. Supporting and helping with Matching Grants provide opportunities to help in humanitarian projects and promoting world peace. Helping to provide wheelchairs to needy persons in Mexico has been another ongoing club project.

New Generations:

The Avenue of New Generations recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults involved in leadership development activities, community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

Attendance Commitment

A Rotarian cannot receive or give anything unless there is involvement; hence, there is much emphasis on regular attendance at your home club or at any of the nearly 34,000 others throughout the world. Members find a warm welcome and an excellent opportunity for expanding acquaintances whenever you attend a Rotary meeting. Interesting and informative programs are normally held at each meeting and you are expected to stay for the entire meeting (12:10pm - 1:30 pm for our club.)

Financial Commitment

There is an initiation fee of $50 payable with your application. Quarterly dues are $200 and include the weekly luncheon fees, dues to Rotary International, district dues, The Rotarian magazine and member servicing. You are also expected to support fundraising projects such as selling tickets, supporting a holiday gift drive, etc., paying for other social functions at a nominal cost and you should be willing to donate to the Rotary Foundation by becoming a Paul Harris Sustaining Member ($100/yr.)

We hope you will enter into the spirit of Rotary as a member of our club!