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st mary's food & fundraiser drivePhoenix West Rotary's Food Bank Fundraiser


The worldwide pandemic has been difficult for everyone. Unfortunately it has been even more difficult for some. With the enormous loss of jobs and income, people, your friends and neighbors, people who used to be those donating to food banks, for the first time have found themselves on the receiving end. Consumer Reports recently completed a survey in November, 2020 and found that 1 in 5 Americans are turning to food banks to feed their families (article here). Even worse is the fact that donations to food banks have declined while daily needs are growing. They just don't have enough supplies to support these new, long lines of people in desperate need of food. While actual food donations are wonderful, providing monetary funds allows St. Mary's to purchase the food items they need the most. St. Mary's says that they can make one dollar provide enough food for 7 meals. So, if you can give, now is the time!
$2500 Matching Funds: To address this issue locally, Phoenix West Rotary Club Foundation is matching all donations made through our special St. Mary's Food Bank donation page up to a campaign total of $2500. Of course we hope to generate much more than this, but it's a good start. The campaign continues through March 31, 2020.